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The British Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has called on governments to take action on high sugar content soft drinks to battle increasing obesity rates across the nation. They have recommended a 5% price increase and 20% tax on sugary soft drinks, that Doctors consider a major contributor to the global obesity epidemic that currently faces the UK. Doctors at the AMRC are united in identifying obesity as the greatest health problem facing the UK, with every 1 in 4 adults in England being obese.

SodaSparkle offers consumers a healthy and sugar free alternative that directly addresses concerns of obesity that burden national health systems and individuals. SodaSparkle is portable which allows you to take your SodaSparkle from home to work or to a picnic, so that everyone can enjoy a sugar-free sparkling beverage. As an added benefit, SodaSparkle directly links to a decrease in plastic bottle consumption per person and per household. Of all the water pollution worldwide, around 80% are products of drink companies, primarily plastic bottles that have harmful effects on wildlife and the environment.

Doctors are urging families to make a more conscious effort to consume healthier alternatives to the sugary soft drinks that set up both children and adults for diseases linked with obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. SodaSparkle offers consumers a natural, sugar free, healthy and tasty home-made option that gives consumers choice, so its your drink and your choice to be healthier and smarter.

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