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Today’s consumers have become far more concerned with localizing and familiarizing with their consumer habits especially food and drink. With community gardens popping up around the place and local farmer markets it’s no surprise that homemade soda has become the new biggest thing.

Sodasparkle has become a household name across the world. Its portable design and convenient use of small CO2 chargers are both novel and exciting for the consumer market. SodaSparkle means that families can enjoy the experience of making soda at home, as a family. Whats more parents and children can now be in control of what goes into their drink, because they are the ones making it. Whether your child prefers apple, pineapple, lemon or lychee, be assured that they are making natural and sugar free soda drinks with SodaSparkle syrups. That’s much healthier that the store bought stuff!

There’s nothing better than being able to make exactly what you feel like making! Home soda making machine, like sodasparkle has brought convenience, fun and a healthy soda option to consumer homes. If you haven’t bought one yet, jump online at our online store and share the sparkle with friends and family from home!