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There’s a lot to be said for our bottle range

SodaSparkle bottles are designed to be safe. 

SodaSparkle soda bottles are made of PET plastic and are BPA free. Soda Sparkle has demanded that its product, manufacturers and distributers comply with international standards to ensure the most superior quality of soda bottles. Specifically we have used a special plastic designed not to explode – instead, it is designed to expand under pressure.

SodaSparkle bottles are designed to be kind to the environment.

Of course, you’ll re-use your SodaSparkle bottle many times, over and over. But when it is time to change a bottle, SodaSparkle bottles are 100% recyclable. Not to mention of course that using a SodaSparkle means no more carrying heavy bottles home from the supermarket or throwing out used water bottles.

The SodaSparkle bottle range is designed for your taste.

The 1 litre will perfectly suit those who like extra sparkle. With a range of colours, they are perfect for use straight from the fridge to the dining table. 

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