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We’ve got big plans to extend our flavour range. But we’d love to hear from you what flavour you’d like to add to your SodaSparkle. Email us with your ideas at flavours@sodasparkle.com

SodaSparkle™ Soda Flavours


Soda Sparkle soda syrups offer you the ultimate in convenience and taste when making soda at home. You can accessorise your SodaSparkle™ home soda making machine with a wide range of fresh, natural and delicious low calorie flavors.

With our unique bottles with pre-measured flavor cap, everyone can perfectly measure their favorite flavour! Simply place bottles of freshly made SodaSparkle soda water on your table and let your guests choose which soda syrup flavour they want – and how they want it!

This is a fantastic and fun way to enjoy soda drinks with the whole family, plus it allows you to make soda drinks exactly the way you like them! Once you have picked your flavour all you need to do is add your sparkle!

Your family can make their drink sweeter or more dilute according to their own personal taste with our unique pre-measured cap – included with every flavour bottle.

SodaSparkle™ currently offers assorted natural flavors in bottles with a pre-measured cap included. You can choose from Apple, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple and Cola. Our flavors are natural, low calorie and preservative free. This is important to us as we believe our consumers deserve the tastiest and healthiest soda we can offer.

Our flavor range is expanding all the time and we are currently planning a new Soda Sparkle exotic flavor range and tea range which includes peach, pomegranate, passion fruit, grape, chai tea and green tea.


Why SodaSparkle?

We passionately believe that SodaSparkle products are the best home drinks makers on the market. Click here to find out why.


We’ve spent a lot of time developing some of the most advanced safety features for home drinks makers. We’d love to tell you about them.


One of the reasons we love our products is because they’re so good for the environment. Let us tell you why.