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The SodaSparkle Approach to Safety

Safety is critical to us at SodaSparkle, and our products have been designed with safety at the forefront of the innovation process.

Safety stampOur machines include a patented double valve safety system that incorporates two independent safety valves to maximise safety. This same process also allows our machines to have an optimal seal and to maximise the sparkle:

  • At the start of the carbonating process, one valve opens to allow the CO2 to “push out” the regular air that the bottle holds. The valve closes as the pressure increases, allowing CO2 to replace the air. The SodaSparkle machine actually creates a seal that prevents any CO2 from escaping. Once the carbonating process is completed, a few shakes of the bottle will mix the CO2 on top with the water, maximizing the fizz.
  • The second valve serves as a double protection to prevent too much pressure building inside the bottle. As well as making sure the product is safe to use, it is also helps prevent the bottle over-flowing upon opening.


Additionally, SodaSparkle soda bottles are made from a special plastic that does not explode. Instead, it expands under pressure.

SodaSparkle Safety Certifications

To ensure that SodaSparkle is safe and reliable, all of our home soda machine designs have been through a process of extensive research and and stringent safety testing. We are totally committed to ensuring the safety of our consumers when making soda at home.

SodaSparkle home soda carbonation technology, design and products has been tested by International Food and Safety Bodies. Our Soda maker products meet International requirements for food contact safety and general safety functionality when using home carbonation technology.

Our range of flavours, made in Australia, have been tested by regularity food bodies in countries around the world.

SodaSparkle™ Certifications

Test Std Test Type Description Issuing Body
LFGB LFGB German Code of Food, Feed and Articles of Daily Use SGS
FDA FDA Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act SGS
PPP5217 Charger Safety Report Safety requirements for soda water siphon and bulbs TUV
EN1186 Flavor Packaging Safety Report Test for overall migration from plastics of materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs Case
  Charger MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Supply Chain
  Flavor MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Supply Chain
  Flavor Packaging MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Supply Chain
  Charge Certificate of Analysis To confirm the product is produced as per specifications SFS
  Flavor Certificate of Analysis Microbiological compliance Suppply Chain
  Accelerated Shelf Life Testing Verify shelf life of food product Suppply Chain
SodaSparkle™ Supply Chain

SodaSparkle™ takes stringent measures to ensure both it and its supply chain comply with the strictest of international standards, ranging from QMS systems, social compliance and manufacturing process.

The environment is one of our biggest concerns, and that is why the whole SodaSparkle™ concept, compared to other home soda machines, carries the lowest carbon footprint, and is made from all recyclable materials.

Below is a list of qualifications and certificates in the SodaSparkle™ supply chain

Standard Description
ISO9001 Quality Management System
ISO14001 Framework to assist organizations in developing their own environmental management system
ISO22000 International standard specifies the requirement for food safety
HACCP Hazard analysis and critical control points, a systematic preventative approach to food safety and pharmaceutical safety
GMP Good manufacturing pratice, a requirement for manugactures of foods and medications
FDA US Food and Drug Administration Regulations of Food Safety
BSCI Busines Social Compliance Initiative
SA8000 Social Accountability
QS Cert. Production Permit for food and apparatus manufactured and sold in China
Product Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Soda Sparkle™ is committed to developing high quality and safe products in soda carbonation. We have developed industry-leading standards and test methods to ensure you are delivered a safe and reliable product.

Test Type Description Issuing Body
Soda Machine Burst Test To test integrity of safety chamber in the event of gas charger bursting Supply Chain
Soda Machine Pressure Test To verify our patented, dual safety valve system is functional SGS
Bottle Burst Test To verify safety of the bottle if the maximum rated internal pressure is exceeded SGS
Soda Machine High/Low Temperature Test Extreme ambient operating conditions Supply Chain

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