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A better way?

We think that it’s a pretty clear cut case that making sparkling water and great-tasting sodas at home is a big step forwards…

No Lugging Heavy Bottles

You don’t have to carry bags full of heavy bottles back from the shop with you every visit.

Your Taste

Making sparkling drinks at home means that you decide how much fizz you want in them, and you decide how strong you want the flavour.

Better for the Environment

You use less plastic, but it is also more cost and energy efficient than buying sparkling drinks the traditional way.

What about other Home Drinks Makers?

There are a number of reasons why we think that the SodaSparkle home soda maker is better than all of our direct competitors. Here are just a few of them…

Convenient CO2

With SodaSparkle there is none of the hassle of having to return and exchange gas chargers. Simply buy new chargers when convenient are dispose of old ones in normal recycling bins

Easy to Store

In our range we have options that are much smaller than competitor products. So if you don’t want to have a soda drinks maker on your kitchen surface ours is easy to store in a drawer.

Take it with you

Our small and easy to use machine means you can take it with you and sparkle on the move. So if you enjoy soft drinks at the beach, picnics, barbecues or outside the home, SodaSparkle is the one for you.

More efficient carbonation

Our patented double valve system keeps more of the CO2 in the bottle, and allows your to shake more of the CO2 into the drink. It’s a more efficient use of CO2 and it gives you more control of the sparkle.


We are the only drinks maker with the SqueezeEzy measuring device that allows you to make the drink to just the right strength for you every time. 

Flavours Made in Australia

Our great-tasting low calorie, no preservative, no artificial flavours soda syrups are made in Australia. We think that’s pretty cool.