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A new age of consumer choice is at our doorsteps and in our supermarkets. SodaSparkle, a new and upcoming competitor in the carbonated soft drinks market has offered consumers more choice than ever before.

The bottles size enables consumers to choose how much or how little, whenever they want. It’s your drink, your choice. Never before have consumers been able to be so in control of what they are consuming. Forget the symbols and codes on hard-to-decipher nutrition labels, SodaSparkle allows you to be in control of what and how much goes into your refreshing beverage.

If this wasn’t exciting enough, SodaSparkle may become the new handbag accessory this summer.

But let’s take a look at the bigger picture that goes past the day-to-day and into the world-wide order of things. The current food paradigm is run by tyrants like Monsanto and Wal-Mart, they make the rules and regulations of what they grow, how they grow it and what we consume, while we slave under their corrupt food-empire. It’s a sad state of affairs when companies like this control the monopoly and consumers end up with a false sense of choice. Start-ups like SodaSparkle and SodaStream are fighting the good fight by broadening our choice and the condensed controlled nature of our food and drinks market. You can be sure that the SodaStream vs. Coca Cola will be one of many scandals to come in the break-down of Food Control.