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SodaSparkle has been doing an exciting tour all across Europe and has been featured on Swedish National Television, on a very popular talk show. Unfortunately for us mono-lingual types, it is hard to understand the sing-along sound of the Swedes, however one this is very clear, SodaSparkle is in the spotlight.

The white 1L extra strength bottle stands out among the other home appliances as a revolutionary, cool and sleek new must-have consumer product. With no other home soda maker boasting the same modernist design, SodaSparkle has become a household name in Sweden and across Europe.

The 4 minute talk piece on new and flash home appliances, focuses primarily on SodaSparkle. The SodaSparkle distributor for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark is well-known and prestigious Telefunken. Telefunken is well known for their distribution of high quality home appliances throughout Europe. It is no wonder that they too have now taken on board the SodaSparkle home soda maker.

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To watch the video clip please visit: http://www.tv4play.se/program/nyhetsmorgon?video_id=2258331