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The NY Times in Argentina has featured SodaSparkle as one of the most innovative consumer products of 2013. Gregory Brainin, the Executive Chef/Director of Creative Development for The Jean Georges Culinary Concepts, is shown in the NY Times, using SodaSparkle to make a more tasty and infused Campari and Gin Cocktail.

The article talks about how inventive chefs and curious culinaries are using the new SodaSparkle portable home soda maker to experiment with cocktails and various other kitchen creations.

The Sodasparkle home soda maker is becoming a ubiquitous appliance in not only the commercial kitchens around the globe but also in the kitchens of home cooks. It is essential in creating healthy and tasty drinks, great to use for entertaining and achieving that professional edge on cocktails and home made drinks. Not to mention, the added benefit of being able to transport your SodaSparkle with ease and convenience, whenever and wherever you would like.

SodaSparkle is the chef’s choice when it comes to having fun and being creative in the kitchen. By its nature, SodaSparkle allows families, friends, and chefs to enjoy the perks and taste of sparkling water without the waste of plastic bottles. All sodaSparkle products are sourced responsibly and are 100% recyclable. Make the best choice by making the best drinks, with SodaSparkle.