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The world’s largest beverage company is introducing its Dasani Drops in coming weeks, which can be squeezed into water for some on-the-spot fruity flavour. And Coca-Cola is betting that there‚Äôs big potential for growth.

“I think there’s an opportunity beyond just flavoured waters,” said John Roddey, vice president of Coca-Cola’s water, tea and coffee business in North America.

Although there are no set plans yet, Roddey says the next logical category for liquid drops would be tea. That’s because drinks with higher sugar content are harder to turn into a liquid concentrate.

The Coca-Cola Co isn’t the first to come out with flavour drops. The category was pioneered by Kraft Food Inc’s MiO, which was introduced in March of last year and has quickly spawned copycats, including by supermarkets that sell store-brand versions. However competitors companies like SodaSparkle and SodaStream have been the successful pioneers of the drop-in flavor to water and carbonated water. Coca Cola has felt especially threatened by these companies who now pose as real and formidable competitors in the Carbonated Soft Drinks Market. Not only do they market themselves as environmentally friendly, sustainable and sugar-free: it also your drink, your choice, when you want it. In light of the SodaStream vs. Coca Cola scandal, some might see this as another attempt of the top dog trying to wipe out the competition.

The SodaSparkle flavor satchels are particularly popular because they come in pre-measured, easy to use single and family size serves. Unlike the Dasani Drop that coca Cola plan to bring out, SodaSparkle’s flavors are exotic, fresh tasting, no sugar, no artificial flavoring and no preservatives.