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Asia’s largest electronics Autumn Fair was held over the 13th-16th October 2012 last week, although the four days tell little of the preparation and organization that goes into each company stand. It is well known by international tycoons and big buyers alike as a grand showcase of the world’s upcoming technology and consumer products. This year was no disappointment.

In the aisles of the Hall of Fame at booth number 1D-A07, SodaSparkle set the bar high for product innovation. The stand stood out amongst the others with a bright pink coral banner, bubbly interior and assistants and sparkling product video, which can be viewed on Products page

The trial demonstrations fascinated the people passing by and soon large crowds huddled around the colourful stand awaiting a small tester of tap water turned soda water by the easy and fun to use SodaSparkle machine. In just 7 seconds tap water was transformed into either, your San Pellegrino (1.3L bottle for light sparkle) equivalent or Perrier, using the 1L bottle for extra sparkle.

The response was overwhelming and hints to a bright future for SodaSparkle. The deceivingly simple machine is the end product of many years of functional technicalities, material evaluation and safety testing. Finally, it has been perfected and is now arguably to safest and most convenient soda machine on offer. Businesses from all around the world were excited by the prospects of the SodaSparkle machine and innovative, disposable CO2 charger system. It will be an expected when SodaSparkle home soda making machine take the world by storm!! Sparkle Away!