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Shelley Miller is a Montreal based Street artist who has broken boundaries by combining Street Art with the Baking World. Miller moves away from the traditional forms and methods like aerosol cans and pens by using icing and pastry cones to create her masterpieces in alleyways and walls around Montreal City.

The particularly innovative young artist has shown her latest colourful and textured work “Throw Up” as part of the Nuit Blanche project in September. Her unique artworks were showcased outdoors at Metro Hall in Toronto, Canada. Her work is temporary and only last for a few weeks after their creation. Her immediate and waivering presence is a strong one that looks at the beauty that can be shared through both food and art as essential parts of community.

On another note her sustainable approach to street art asks many to reconsider habits and traditions in search of different methods. This message stretches across the board to our everyday lifestyle, our energy consumption, water usage, waste production and our recycling habits. The new worlds of art and consumption are offering new ways in which we can enjoy a sustainable life that has less impact on the environment. Developments in consumer products like 100% recyclable plastic cups, Bamboo packaging, Green Light bulbs and Eco-friendly Hemp clothing are telling of a coming change. SodaSparkle, akin to the aforementioned products bring sustainability and conscious consumption a step closer to consumer homes. SodaSparkle drastically eliminates the amount of plastic bottles used by individuals each day and by doing so creates awareness about our environment. Shelley Miller with her edible street art, rejects traditional forms and its consequential air pollution by using cake icing to create art for the entire community.