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Home soda making machines have recently become one of the most sought after products for household appliances. We saw the astronomical growth of brand, SodaStream that opened up a whole new home-beverages market.

The great thing about this new consumer platform is that home soda making machines are environmentally friendly. Sparkling water is a traditional treat that features on the dining tables of many families, across the world. Until recently, Sparkling water has been represented by luxury brands like Perrier and San Pellegrino. Now revolutionary home soda making machine brands like SodaSparkle have become household necessities making Sparkling water an accessible beverage for everyone, straight from home. It is a great development in health, environment and consumer products when products, like home soda making machines, deliver service and convenience that equal that of filtered, clean tap water.

SodaSparkle in particular presents a new healthy and fun way to drink and make soda drinks and soft drinks at home.

With Christmas just around the corner, think about useful and fun gifts for the whole family that eco-friendly, fun and healthy. Home-soda making machines and the delicious sparkling soda drinks they make will be a winning gift this Christmas.